Brian Binning

Sound Design | Composition

You can tell I’m an audio professional because I’m wearing headphones


  • Keyboard player with a solid understanding of music theory and synthesis

  • Experienced in analog, digital and midi signal flow

  • Excellent file management skills including metadata tagging and file conversion

  • Extremely detail and quality oriented

  • Good verbal and written communication skills

  • Able to work effectively in both collaborative and independent settings

  • Location sound, field recording and foley experience with a variety of dynamic & condenser microphones, including wireless and contact mics

  • software: Ableton Live, Reaper, Adobe Audition & Premiere Pro, Izotope RX, Wwise and a variety of plugins related to music creation, mixing and mastering

  • hardware: Sound Devices, Zoom and Sony field recorders

professional experience


Novel Effect, Seattle, WA
Composer/Sound Designer
     Feb 2018 - present

  • Create evocative, interactive soundscapes for children’s books, as experienced through the Novel Effect app

  • Compose engaging music in a variety of different styles

  • Implementation of audio assets via an in-house tool to create an interactive audio experience

  • Communication with team members to brainstorm new ideas and offer feedback

Monolith Productions (WB Games), Kirkland WA
Associate Sound Designer
     Mar 2016 - Oct 2017

  • Developed and maintained an audio implementation pipeline for all cinematics for a AAA game title

  • Responsible for establishing effect chains and implementation of dialog across 7 different languages

  • Post-production for cinematics

  • Dialog recording, editing and implementation

  • Music editing and implementation in Wwise

  • Communication with producers, team members and contractors to solve problems, improve efficiency and meet deadlines

  • Shipped title: Shadow of War

BeeAudio, Ashland, OR
     Jan 2014 - Dec 2017

  • Edit dialog and master audio books to client's specifications, including: inserting corrections, maintaining consistent room tone, spectral repair, EQ, compression and limiting

  • Maintain communication with proofers, narrators and quality control personnel in order to efficiently deliver a high-quality product by the deadline

  • Adhere to strict naming conventions and file formats for both delivery to the client and for archive purposes

the evergreen state college


Bachelor of Arts, 2015

Classes taken:

  • Sound Design for Film

  • Numbers, Noise and Music

  • Hybrid Music (year-long program)

  • Audio Recording (year-long program)

  • Cinematography: Crafting the Moving Image

  • Multitrack Composition (year-long program)

Individual learning contracts:

  • Composition and Location Sound for Film

  • Game Audio Production with Wwise

  • Audio Post Production and Adaptive Sound Design for Games

  • Audio Production for Video